キム Jericha Kimberly Romero
Hello, I'm Jericha Kimberly Romero, but you can simply call me Kim. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Communication, and I've also earned units towards a Master's degree in Communication. With over a decade of experience in the ESL field, I've been dedicated to delivering quality English instruction to students and guiding ESL teachers to excellence in teaching. Yet, it's not just about the years of experience; it's about a teacher's commitment, passion, dedication, attitude, and skill set. Outside of my professional pursuits, I enjoy hosting events and parties, allowing me to channel my passion for effective communication. Additionally, I have a deep love for watching travel videos, which fuels my curiosity about the world. I sincerely hope that you will take the step to experience the numerous benefits of learning English as well. Join us on this transformative journey!
ザイラ Zyra Mae Ybañez
Hello everyone, my name is Zyra Mae Ybañez but feel free to call me Zy. I am a Management graduate who has developed a strong passion for helping and serving others. Witnessing people’s warm smiles, even during the toughest times, brings me immense joy. I have dedicated five years of my life as a public servant and intend to continue making a positive impact on society through my small acts of kindness. In addition to helping others, I enjoy exploring our hometown's beautiful tourist spots. During my leisure time, I engage in activities such as hiking, free diving, and taking a joy ride. I love socializing and sharing the captivating landscapes, particularly the hidden gems of Cebu City. I look forward to showing the beauty of Cebu to you all, encompassing the local people and tourist attractions. Thank you and see you soon!
ノナ Nona Mae Vergara Soroño
Hello! Nice to meet you all! I'm Nona Mae Vergara Soroño and please call me "Nona" or "Teacher Nona". I graduated from the university majored in Bachelor of Elementary Education. I've been an ESL teacher for more than 10 years. I have taught many foreign students especially Japanese students. I can teach at all ages and I can assure you the best quality of teaching that you are looking for. I'm looking forward to seeing you in my class!
ジョイ JB Joy Baculao
Good day everyone.
My name is JB Joy Baculao and you can call me Joy.
I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Education.
I have been teaching as an ESL TEACHER since 2018.
I am qualified to teach kids, young professionals and adults.
As a teacher/tutor, my long term goal is to teach young and adult students.
During my spare time I like to go around the town by motorbike and walk my dog in the mall.
I love swimming and hiking too.
Furthermore, during my lesson I make sure that all my lessons are interesting, interactive and informative.
See you in my class!